The Project

I write unsustainable blogs.

In the past I have started blogs and after four posts get bored, and then I stop posting. This normally happens over the course of about thirty minutes, and these orphaned blogs, bastard children between my excitement and that bitch known as creativity, get left at my doorstep. Then they wither and die.

But as an aspiring writer who would eventually like to get paid to write on these things its not good to show your prospective employer a list of ten odd blogs, each with about 500 words total, and explain to him that when you have a project you stick with it. That you are full of ambition.

But I am the king of ambition. And to prove it, I’m starting this project.

Starting April 12th, 2009 I will be creating a new blog everyday for a year. At the end of that, if I don’t have at least four of them that I want to continue, I’m probably a miserable failure.


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