4/11/2010 – DruJohnston.com

Blog #365: DruJohnston.com

And just like that it’s done. This is going to be my new blog that I keep updating. Hopefully it won’t be as hard to follow as The Year of the Blog… but it’s my new venue to post my thoughts about the starbucks barista’s I’m irritated by, the short stories I write, and any information on upcoming videos and projects.

But for now the blog has got info on a few upcoming things, and a post-mortem on my thoughts from this project.

Thanks to everyone for your support. The final picture from The Year of the Blog agrees:


To view the blog click here.


6 Responses to “4/11/2010 – DruJohnston.com”

  1. Well done! Some really funny stuff too.

  2. Congratulations, Dru! You decided to do an insane thing, but unlike most people, you completed the insane thing. You sir, are not a lazy mental case.


  3. I’ll miss this hilariousness.

    Thanks for the year of laughs, Dru.

  4. Dru, I’m really sad that this is over. Now I have one less way to procrastinate on the internet. And laugh myself silly.

    But, congratulations, it was a great time. You are a champ. Of blogs.

  5. pussytime Says:

    epic fail.

  6. the above shown picture is good

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