Why April 12th?

TheYearoftheBlog.com project begins/began on Sunday April 12th, 2009.

People may be wondering why such a grand project started on such an obscure date. Sure its Easter, but why would you do that on Easter? That doesn’t make any sense. Easter is for rabbits and eggs. It is not for blogs.

Well, curious internet reader, Easter is also the day that Jesus came back. And I’m planning on bringing blogging back the way Jesus brought himself back. Is blogging dead? Not quite yet. But the days of reading some random asshole’s blog about Weezer and how no one respects them anymore, even though they’re 15 years old, are coming to a close. On Easter, Jesus arose after dying for our sins. On Easter of 2009, I will bring blogs back from their grave, so they may have one last day in the sun after being host to quite possibly the worst writing in the history of man. Including Dan Brown.

Also I had a few free days before the 12th so I could sit down and work out the details of this project.


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