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5/31/2009 – More Snickers Ads

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Blog #50: More Snickers Ads


On of my favorite lines from the write up, and the inspiration for today’s blog: “The best comedy carries a crunchy little morsel of truth, like peanuts inside a nougat bar.”

Very true, NY Post, very true indeed. Also, that sounds like one of those snicker’s ads that are awful and all over the city. So I made a blog of snicker’s ads I think they should make. Snickers, if you’re looking for an ad wizard, look no further:


Happy 50th ladies and gentlemen.


5/30/2009 – Visor’s are better than regular hats

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Blog #49: Visor’s are better than regular hats

There’s a visor sitting in our living room, and we couldn’t figure out who’s visor it was… so I used it to inspire this gem detailing exactly why visor’s are the superior head ornament. Written by resident douchebag Steve Newcomb:

Visors let me keep my hair spiky and shit

Visors let me keep my hair spiky and shit

5/29/2009 – Who Would Win: The Long Lost Answers

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Blog #48: Who Would Win: The Long Lost Answers

I’ve devoted this blog to answering questions that have been asked for centuries. If X fought Y, who would win. Well look no further… because I know all the answers, and I’m spilling the wisdom in this blog.

A quick teaser of the first vs. battle:




5/28/2009 – Dru holding things in his office

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Blog #47: Dru holding things in his office

Well… What can I say other than its 7 PM and I’m just releasing this gem… you know that old saying: “Good things come to those who wait?” Well good things just happened to everyone who reads this. Possibly my best blog, and shot in glorious black and white.

Just a taste:

Photo 66

5/27/2009 – The USA Today crossword can suck my dick

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Blog #46: The USA Today crossword can suck my dick

This morning the USA Today crossword app on my phone had a clue that insinuated the width of my feet was larger than ridiculous. FUCK YOU USA TODAY! FEEL THE WRATH OF THE YEAR OF THE BLOG!!!

5/26/2009 – Dream Supreme Court Cases

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Blog #45: Dream Supreme Court Cases

In honor of Judge Sonia Sotomayor I’m devoting this Tumblr Tuesday blog to Supreme Court cases that haven’t happened but that I wish had. The supreme court is rockin’. Congrats Judge Sotomayor, your first job is to tell Scalia to suck it.

5/25/2009 – Things I’m Memorializing For

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Blog #44: Things I’m Memorializing For

Memorial Day is a holiday that I never really got… so I decided to make a blog devoted to it. So let’s sit around the table, join hands, and tell all of our friends and family what it is we’re memorializing for.