4/9/2010 – Making Sense of the Millennium Falcon’s Kessel Run

Blog #363: Making Sense of the Millennium Falcon’s Kessel Run

Okay, so before I began the Year of the Blog I wanted to start a blog called The Cosmological Principles which was a blog about cosmology and problems in Astronomy, but written by a self-righteous jerk. Instead I’ve made a few blogs by [Dr.] Dru Johnston, essentially the same character, for this project. And I’m writing another one by him.

But this one is very very extensive. I’ve wanted to make this blog for the last year, but it was such a Moby Dick for me in that it was something I wanted to make sure was as extensive as I could. But with three blogs left, I figured I HAD to do it today.

This is based off of my final project for Astro 110 at Whitman, I presented this information the week before I graduated, probably with a more serious attitude than I used when writing my paper on Henry James for English… that’s how much I love this question about the Millennium Falcon.

So read and either get very confused or completely nerded out. But probably start at the bottom and work your way up… it’s a lot easier to follow that way.

To view the blog click here.


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