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4/30/2009 – Better than Clarkston’s Newsstand

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Blog #19: Better than Clarkston’s Newsstand

Written by Jerry, the news stand owner across the street from Clarkston in the financial district. The blog, officially called “Better than Clarkston’s – Jerry’s All American News Stand,” is largely a reactionary piece to Clarkston’s marketing blog (a link to Clarkston’s blog can be found here).


4/29/2009 – Clarkston’s News Stand

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Blog #18: Clarkston’s News Stand

The marketing blog for Clarkston’s News Stand, an ethnically ambiguous man’s news stand located in the financial district. Check it out for the latest deals on all things news stand, and for reports on the evil man, Jerry, who runs the news stand across the street.

4/28/2009 – I will never get with these girls

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Blog #17: I will never get with these girls

An ode to my favorite girls on facebook… who I will never get with.

4/27/2009 – Fantasy Train Announcements

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Blog #16: Fantasy Train Announcements

A blog categorizing the announcements I’d like to have heard the conductor give when I used to live in Harlem and travel to the Lower East Side for work.

4/26/2009 – The New Deal’s Blog

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Blog #15: The New Deal’s Blog

I’m doing double duty today creating a legit blog for my sketch and improv group. The blog will have information on upcoming shows, videos, links we like and all that jazz. And what’s great about this one is that it will keep being updated by the three gentlemen of The New Deal!

Definitely a keeper.

4/25/2009 – Warning: May Contain M. Night Spoilers

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Blog #14: Warning: May Contain M. Night Spoilers

Spoiler: This blog gives spoilers for M. Night’s movies.

4/24/2009 – Thoughts Had Before, During and After Running into a Bike

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Blog #13: Thoughts Had Before, During and After Running into a Bike

When I wrote this one I didn’t even think of how it was blog number 13. Running into a bike is pretty unlucky. This also marks the first blog outside of the home site that was created with WordPress. Pretty nifty. I used wordpress because they let me have a much longer URL.