Hey all,

So the time has come… as I quickly approach the end of the project I realized I’ve only used one out of the twelve possible guest blogs I was allowed.

This means I’ve decided to treat myself to a ten day vacation sometime in the middle of February, and have ten straight days of guest blogs by bloggers across the country. So if you’re interested in possibly writing a guest blog for the blog The New York Post called “The Tolstoy of Short Attention Spans,” or called “I can say with absolute certainty that this man has never seen nor heard Morgan Freeman in his life,” READ ON!


If you’re interested in writing a guest blog please send your blog idea, a brief writing sample or a link to your current blog, and your contact info to:

No attachments. Everything in the body of the email. If there are attachments I won’t open it.

Keep in mind that I will not plagiarize any blog ideas sent to me… but also keep in mind that I have a list on my iPhone of ideas that I still need to do. I can show you the iPhone if you don’t believe me. So there might be some slight overlay.

No compensation, but there will be exposure (including links to your current blog and a brief bio) and the ability for you to say you helped Dru get some sleep for 10 days.

I’ll try to get back to you ASAP but I’ve got a full time job so it might take a bit of time.

Thanks everyone! And if you have any questions feel free to write me at the above email address.


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