The Rules

The Year of the Blog Project follows these ten rules:

  1. The project lasts between April 12th, 2009 and April 11th, 2010. In that time I (Dru Johnston) will publish one new blog every day.
  2. Once a blog has been posted, it will be posted on the homepage of which will serve as ground base for this project.
  3. Blogspot or WordPress software may be used to create any of these blogs.
  4. Up to 100 tumblr blogs are allowed to be published throughout the year. The remainder must adhere to rule number 3.
  5. Up to 12 blogs may be ghostwritten. However, “ghostwritten” is a stupid name for this as I will give full credit to the writer, and label said blog as a ghostwritten blog. I just like the idea of calling a blog “Ghostwritten.” Deal with it.
  6. Each blog must have at minimum 4 posts (or pages if deemed appropriate) when published. Posts can be text or media, but they must be there.
  7. If a blog is missed that blog must be made up the next day with an added “bonus blog.” For every day late an extra “bonus blog” will be added. This means the project might easily exceed 365 blogs.
  8. Blogs may be created internally prior to the launch, however they will not be judged as an existing blog until they’re posted and linked to from So this means if you look at my blogspot account and say something like “but he has one already but it doesn’t have anything in it when I click it, durrrrrrrrrr” that doesn’t count.
  9. Once posted, blogs do not need to be maintained. Most will probably just sit there with four posts for all eternity. But they’ll be there by gum.
  10. counts as a blog, and will serve as the blog for April 12th, 2009.

Check out The Bill of Rights for additional amendments and rules.


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