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4/6/2010 – Cop out or Not

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Blog #360: Cop Out or Not

The final Tumblr Tuesday. What better way to celebrate the day that celebrated cop outs by making an even worse cop out blog than I’ve ever made before, purely examining other cop out blogs that I’ve made over the past year? I don’t think there is a way to do that. It’s not even a rhyme, that’s how much of a cop out this is.

Yep. I went there.

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4/3/2010 – Welcome to Boston, Mass Retahd

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Blog #357: Welcome to Boston, Mass Retahd

By Guest Blogger Alex Demers

So Alex is coming through with a guest blog this weekend while I get ready for my final push next week. The New Deal weekend is in full force (except Noah said he might not do one tomorrow… BUT IT’S STILL IN FULL FORCE!). And Alex, a Boston native himself, decided to grace the internets with his presence as a Boston Masshole showing pictures of Boston and then talking to you about them. He has gone above and beyond the call of duty… two full pages!

I met Alex a little over two years ago. He is a brilliant friend, an amazingly funny and gifted improviser, but probably more importantly he introduced me to my favorite Sushi restaurant in the city… which for any friend of mine puts you above the rest. I love sushi. Anyway, Alex is in my comedy group The New Deal, and we’ve spent countless hours together, but possibly the highlight on stage was earlier this week when the two of us (Noah was sick) got together for a Chekhov festival and presented to the audience a 50 minute improvised Chekhov play that involved a general who hated birch trees, an artist that was running out of money, around 7 servants all named Nina in some way, a young woman waiting for her love to return, a drunk uncle and a jewish grandfather for some reason. Doing that patient, and ultimately very rewarding, show with Alex was one of the most fun pieces I’ve gotten to do on stage. And I won’t forget the look on his face when I muddied the whole thing up and made him a third servant… looked like he was going to either kill me or break down laughing. It’s these Alex moments that I look back and cherish. A great friend both on and off the stage.


NOTE: I added the Mass in the title to fulfill my state blogs requirements… also cause I’m a jerk.

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3/30/2010 – Post-Not-Really-That-Secret

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Blog #353: Post-Not-Really-That-Secret

Tumblr Tuesday is back with a vengeance with a bunch of clearly obvious post secrets. You know that Tumblr is charging for themes now? WHAAAAA?!!!?

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3/23/2010 – Healthcare reform passed just in time…

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Blog #346: Healthcare reform passed just in time…

Because the following things might have been considered pre-existing conditions for me… NO MORE PRE-EXISTING CONDITIONS! HEALTHCARE REFORM! WOOOOOOO!!!!! Tumblr Tuesday.

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3/16/2010 – My Seventh Grade School Notes

Posted in Tumblr Blog on March 16, 2010 by theyearoftheblog

Blog #339: My Seventh Grade School Notes

Lifted straight from the notebooks of my seventh grade year and Beaver Lake Middle School.

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3/11/2010 – Plot or Not

Posted in Tumblr Blog on March 11, 2010 by theyearoftheblog

Blog #334: Plot or Not

OMG! SO SO LATE! Running around like a chicken with my head cut off, doesn’t mean I don’t have time to school all you in whether or not things are plots or not. Still enjoy making these, even if the joke stopped being funny months ago.

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3/9/2010 – A Blog for… YES I CAN FEEL IT!

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Blog #332: A Blog for… YES I CAN FEEL IT!

It’s tumblr tuesday… and for inspiration for todays blog I browsed some of the prebuilt themes that they offer people. The one I found is possibly the most absurd thing I’ve ever seen. I don’t know anyone who could ever have a legitimate blog that looked like this one, so I made my most honest effort to blog truthfully with this theme in place. It’s very very hard to do. And essentially just a blog making fun of a single tumblr “theme.”

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