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10/31/2009 – Be Scary. Be Safe.

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Blog #203: Be Scary. Be Safe.

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My junior year in college I became obsessed with the idea that “Wereism” was an STD. In some werewolf movie the guy who was a werewolf was sleeping with a girl and his exgirlfriend was rampaging around the town as a werewolf as well. When asked why she was also a werewolf she cried: “When we had sex… it was crazy.” This obviously was an attempt to say that he bit her during the sex, but made me think it was because Werewolfism was an STD.

That year, as co-editor of the humor section of Whitman College’s paper, I convinced the other co-editor, a Mr. Stephen Carter, we were to make an entire page devoted to monsters who had STDs, and say it was a PSA from planned parenthood. I wanted the details exactly right, so at the end put “Copyright Planned Parenthood, 2005” at the bottom of the page.

This didn’t go over well when the local planned parenthood got a copy.

Our editor and chief received a firmly written note that said: “We here at planned parenthood like to think we have a sense of humor. We write humorous memos to one another, and have a lot of fun. But the back page of the pioneer on Oct. 27th did not tickle our funny bone.” They then proceeded to threaten a lawsuit. We profusely apologized, and dodged the bullet… but it is still one of my favorite pages I ever wrote. So I am spreading the love on the internet, and still saying it’s from planned parenthood.

Be Scary. Be Safe.


10/30/2009 – My attempts to mimic Jeff Foxworthy

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Blog #202: My attempts to mimic Jeff Foxworthy

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A bunch of attempts to get a catch phrase as big as “You might be a redneck…” This is a game my friend Jason and I used to play when we were painting houses. Also I dedicate this blog to Lucia.

10/29/2009 – Utah’s most popular Halloween costumes

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Blog #201: Utah’s most popular Halloween costumes

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Halloween is coming up! So it leads me to wonder what costumes are being worn in Utah. We’re all thinking that right?

10/28/2009 – DeBeard DeBlog

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Blog #200: DeBeard DeBlog

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200 in. It seemed appropriate to make a life change. So I shaved my beard, and documented it in this cop-out blog that I can’t believe I haven’t used yet!


10/27/2009 – Look at this fucking hamper

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Blog #199: Look at this fucking hamper

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Responding to the incredibly popular blog Look at this fucking hipster, the year of the blog decides to turn it’s sarcastic/critical eye on another thing that sort of sounds like hipster. If I get a book deal out of this I will be very excited.

10/26/2009 – iTunes Genius Loves “The Boys Are Back in Town”

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Blog #198: iTunes Genius Loves “The Boys Are Back in Town”

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iTunes fucking loves this song! WHAT IS THAT ALL ABOUT?!

10/25/2009 – CNN 2.0

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Blog #197: CNN 2.0

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New CNN site, new blog for CNN.