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4/11/2010 –

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Blog #365:

And just like that it’s done. This is going to be my new blog that I keep updating. Hopefully it won’t be as hard to follow as The Year of the Blog… but it’s my new venue to post my thoughts about the starbucks barista’s I’m irritated by, the short stories I write, and any information on upcoming videos and projects.

But for now the blog has got info on a few upcoming things, and a post-mortem on my thoughts from this project.

Thanks to everyone for your support. The final picture from The Year of the Blog agrees:


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7/20/2009 – The Original Year of the Blog

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Blog #100: The Original Year of the Blog

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BLOG #100! How super duper exciting! And to celebrate I’m gonna get all meta. Take a look at Andy Jones’ blog. He claims he gave me this idea. Oh Andy… he should never wear his hair like that.

7/13/2009 – Just Another Weblog

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Blog #93: Just Another Weblog

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When you start up a wordpress blog is makes the subtitle “Just another weblog” automatically, and it also gives you a first post a first comment and a first page which you are supposed to edit or delete. Well I decided NOT to edit or delete these and instead build off of them! AM I CRAZY?! maybe. But boy oh boy am I having fun.

6/18/2009 – My Texts from Last Night

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Blog #68: My Texts from Last Night

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Texts from Last Night ( is an amazingly awesome and funny site. If you haven’t checked it out you totally should. People just send in their text messages from the night before, usually in a drunken stupor, and then they get posted.

I decided to jump on this band train, so I’ve created my own version: My Texts from Last Night. Essentially it’s just a much less interesting version of Texts from Last Night. My area code is represented with 425. Also, there will almost assuredly be more than 4 of these posts. So don’t be surprised if I EXCEED the four post minimum. Has Dru taken crazy pills?!?!

6/15/2009 – Fighting for Iran’s Right to Social Network

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Blog #65: Fighting for Iran’s Right to Social Network

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Today at work trying to figure out what the fuck I’m supposed to tweet about for my business I came across a tweet by Robert Scoble, a grade-a social network junky and, in my opinion, decently sized douche. In any case, he was very very upset that throughout these riots and military demonstrations in Iran the government had decided to shut down FriendFeed (some social networking thing I have no idea about).

What the fuck Robert Scoble? Killing is pretty bad, but shutting down facebook? WHAT ARE WE GOING TO DO!

So I created my new alter ego, Jeremy Grant, a man dedicated to social networking.

And, oh, just in case you were curious what this Scoble looks like:

What is he pointing to?

What is he pointing to?

5/13/2009 – Additional Lost Survivors

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Blog #32: Additional Lost Survivors

Today is the season finale of Lost: Season 5. This is an epic day for a variety of reasons:

  • 1. I love Lost.
  • 2. It’s a great show
  • 3. I want to figure out what in the shit that four toed statue is

Also, I love that in Lost the characters are named after philosophers. So today’s blog is dedicated to Lost… and the characters that never made the cut. In depth character analysis of the characters that J.J. Abrams just couldn’t justify leaving on the show.

Enjoy… and LOST TONIGHT!

5/3/2009 – The Bill of Rights

Posted in About, Serious Sunday, Wordpress Blogs on May 3, 2009 by theyearoftheblog

Blog #22: The Bill of Rights for the Year of the Blog

I’ve now been going for three weeks, and have decided to clarify some of the rules of the project… don’t worry, nothing’s changing, I’m just clarifying and honing in on amendments to some of the rules… and I’m calling it the Bill of Rights. Who knows, these amendments might have to go through The Year of the Blog Senate and The Year of the Blog House.

Also, this is the second sunday in a row I’ve created like a legit kind of blog, or not a pure joke. I think I’m going to start calling this Serious Sunday!