Welcome to The Year of the Blog

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My name is Dru Johnston, and I write unsustainable blogs.

Starting April 12th, 2009 I will be creating a new blog everyday for a year. At the end of that, if I don’t have at least four of them that I want to continue, I’m probably a miserable failure.

Let me make it clear that by “Blog” I mean a brand new website. Not just a new post… what kind of a project would that be? It wouldn’t. That’s the answer.

For project details and rules check out the page links to the right.

For an organized list of all the blogs created so far click here.

Or if this is your first time to The Year of the Blog you can check out a few of my favorite blogs to get a sense of what’s going on here.


11 Responses to “Welcome to The Year of the Blog”

  1. Hey Dru!

    I will blog every day if you blog every day!

  2. Beth Frieden Says:

    Hi Dru! Happy Jesus’s Rebirthday. Here are some bloggish comments to start you off:
    I tried to start a blog for this year in Scotland, but then had to paranoidly delete it for the following reasons:
    1. I pledged to forgo English-medium media in order to force my brain to think in Gaelic. Thus I was assaulted by guilt every time I tried to write.
    2. I realized that anyone could find my blog by searching for it, and thus, I couldn’t write about anyone who was currently alive unless I wanted them to read what I wrote. That felt limiting.
    3. I couldn’t figure out how to restrict viewership to any of the blog servers. If you ever figure out how to publish a blog where you can say “here, these people only can read the blog,” let me know.

  3. I’m a fan. At least until I enter law school and have to bend my schedule to find time to bathe.

  4. (slowly… gradually building) *clap*…. … … *clap*… … *clap* … *clap**Clap**CLAP*

    … perhaps you could blog about creative use of the ellipsis and other punctuation as it is related to onomatopoeia?

  5. Dru,

    Saw you in the 5/31/09 edition of the New York Post (page 20). Nice writeup on you!

  6. you’re a waste of everyone’s time

  7. Gordon Hansen Says:

    Dru! Congrats on the NYP coverage! Nice to see creativity rewarded in the MSM! ACRONYM!

  8. What happens if the only blog you want to continue at the end of the year is this one?

  9. onsundaymorning Says:

    Wow, what a big undertaking. Good luck.

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